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Visit Naughty Girl in North Hollywood for a personalized shopping experience where you'll find the perfect outfit for any occasion.


Let me or my assistant, Bianca, assist you in selecting stunning ensembles that exude confidence and style, ensuring you stand out wherever you go.


Our curated collection is designed to empower you and capture attention effortlessly.


Whether you need a complete makeover or just a touch-up, our skilled team is here to help.


Schedule an appointment with us and explore our unique approaches to fashion and styling for a transformative experience.

How It Works

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Schedule your in-person

appointment, whether it's a

one-on-one session, with friends or your lover, by booking a consultation here.


Pick Your Stylist

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Scroll down to explore our stylists and their distinct styles, allowing you to determine the perfect match.



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When you arrive, you will receive a 10% discount on your total purchases.



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Indulge in a cocktail or champagne as you shop and enjoy a delightful time with friends.

Sienna Sinclaire

What influences your style and who do you look up to for inspiration?


My inspiration stems from a blend of history and diverse cultures. I have an eclectic style that draws from fashion trends spanning the globe, various historical eras, and the bold women of bygone times.


I am particularly drawn to the rich traditions of Asian, Egyptian, and Arabic cultures, which I seamlessly integrate into both my wardrobe choices and home decor.


From the elegance of the 1700s to the glamour of the 1920s and the retro vibes of the 1950s and 1980s, I find inspiration in specific time periods. However, my ultimate favorite era is the Roaring Twenties!


In addition to historical influences, I am captivated by the allure of daring women from the past, such as courtesans, showgirls, and burlesque performers. This fascination translates into my love for eye-catching and seductive pieces, featuring elements like sparkles, feathers, and fringe.


My style is ever-evolving, reflecting my mood, the occasion, or even the prospect of a new adventure on the horizon.

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Bianca Amangiri_edited.jpg


What influences your style and who do you look up to for inspiration?


When it comes to my personal style, I draw inspiration from iconic figures such as Cher during her Bob Mackie era. I have a deep appreciation for 70s fashion trends, particularly embracing the flair of bell bottoms and the flowing elegance of kaftans.


In addition, my style reflects a blend of Dolly Parton's vivacious charm and Veronica Lake's timeless allure. I am captivated by the glamour of 1940s Old Hollywood, often incorporating luxurious elements such as feathers, satin, and rhinestones into my outfits.


Not afraid to make a statement, I can effortlessly pull off the bold look of chaps, adding a touch of edginess to my overall aesthetic.


For me, fashion is all about embracing drama and making a bold entrance with my clothing choices. Whether it's channeling the glitz and glamour of a bygone era or infusing a retro vibe into my outfits, I never shy away from incorporating elements that exude personality and flair.

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