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My Journey Off Contraception and What I Learned Along the Way

Sienna Sinclaire St Barthes Nude: Why I got off the pill

Once I entered into my 40s, and after being on the pill since I was 15 years old without any breaks, I decided it was time to get off. Not because I wanted to get pregnant but I wanted to give my body a break of fake hormones and feel my actual real hormones.

Little did I realize the life-changing journey it would take me on, experiencing the most amazing orgasms EVER along with discovering a new me. You don’t realize when you’re on hormones, that you’re not feeling your real emotions. After I got off the pill, there was a new me I didn’t even know.

Getting Off the Pill

When I turned 40, I wanted to start tracking my hormones to help me with easing into menopause eventually. So my gynecologist recommended I should get off of the pill to give my body a break from them and it would help with seeing the levels of my real hormones to see if I was low on anything.

To my surprise and my gyno’s, my body quickly bounced back and all my hormones came flooding in and my estrogen levels were normal. So I didn’t need any hormonal help to level them.

What Happened Next

The first month I got off the pill, I thought I was going crazy! This is very normal as all your hormones, that you’ve been suppressing, are flooding back in and it can make some go crazy. It’s different for everyone and can last up to a year or more.

Luckily for me, it lasted about 3 months. The first month was the worst. I was hearing voices in my head but it was only during my period.

The second month, I was only half crazy as I could tell it was getting better. But I even contacted my gyno to let her know I don’t know how much I can take of this as it’s pretty bad. She told me to hang in there as it will be worth it.

By month three, I could tell I’d be fine as it wasn’t as bad and after that I was fine. But wow! It’s a feeling that’s so insane.

A New Me

I’ve always been someone who’s not emotional, doesn’t show emotion, doesn’t cry at movies. My nickname growing up was Ice Queen.

After about a year, I started getting so emotional over stuff I would never. I didn’t know what was happening to me until I talked to my gyno.

When you’re on fake hormones, for some people it can suppress your emotions as it did for me. Now that I had my natural hormones back, I was feeling the real me. Who I’m supposed to be.

So I had to embrace this new person I never knew. I do remember being a kid and being more emotional but as I entered high school, that’s when my emotions went away but didn’t think much of it.

Now I cry at all shows I watch, movies, when I think about people I care about. I have all these emotions I didn’t know I had.

In a way it’s kind of refreshing to know I have feelings…lol! I’m still emotionless about something’s as I think that is a part of me but there are times I just “feel” more now.


I think the one thing that got me through my crazy moments when I first got off the pill, were the amazing orgasms. That’s what kept me from going back on the pill.

I’ve always had amazing orgasms or so I thought. My gyno even told me that orgasms get better off the pill but I had no idea.

The first month, I masturbated one night and the orgasm was SO FUCKING INTENSE. I don’t even know how to describe it. It was much longer than my normal ones, and the feeling in my brain was off the charts.

Normally I can orgasm back to back with 3 to 5 in a row but they get weaker and harder to cum with each one. Not this time!!! I came so quickly and went 7 times in a row and each one was amazing.

When I was done, I was in shock. I had to mentally calm my brain down because I couldn’t believe what I just experienced. It was so fucking intense and the most amazing feeling ever.

Ever since then, my orgasms are still amazing. I’m so glad I got off of the pill and wished someone had told me sooner…lol!

Life Changing Journey

I honestly feel so much better mentally being off the pill. I feel stuff now that I didn’t such as emotions and orgasms.

But it’s not always easy as being on the pill helps with cramps, bleeding less, emotions, and all the other things you feel throughout the month.

The reason I say it’s been life changing, is because of what I just described above, I’ve had to really listen to my body and find out what it’s telling me each day.

I’ve realized that everyday our body is all about preparing you for making a baby, and if you don’t then it starts the process of you having your period. And the cycle starts all over again.

I’ve learned that you don’t only just have symptoms before or during your period, you have them all month.

This has led me to start tracking my periods so I can learn when I’m motivated, have the most energy so I can work better. And when my body is down so I don’t feel bad for either not working out or working as hard.

I’ve even learned how to start eating for each of the 4 phases of my cycle each month, what are the best workouts, when I’m up for sex and not, along with vitamins to take to help me through each phase.

A woman’s hormones are so crazy I’ve learned but they don’t have to work against you, they can work for you. And that’s what I’ve been learning and perfecting for the past 5 years, that I will share with you in my next blog so stay tuned as I take you on my journey.


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