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TV Shows Celebrating Older Women

Miss Fisher outfit with boa

In a media landscape often dominated by youthful faces and stories, it's refreshing to see a rise in TV shows that celebrate the strength, wisdom, and complexity of older women. These shows not only provide representation for a demographic often overlooked in mainstream media but also offer narratives that resonate with the experiences and challenges faced by mature women, and celebrate the power and beauty of maturity. Embrace the stories of these older, confident women who are breaking boundaries, challenging stereotypes, and living life on their own terms.

"Palm Royale"

"Palm Royale" is a visually stunning TV show, on Apple TV, that showcases beautiful older women dressed to the nines in fabulous 60s fashion. Set in the glamorous backdrop of Palm Royale, a fictional upscale resort town in the 1960s, the show captures the essence of the era with its impeccable attention to detail in costume design. The older women in the show exude elegance and sophistication as they flaunt bold prints, vibrant colors, and chic silhouettes that defined the fashion of the time.

"Miss Fisher"

In the captivating Acorn series "Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries," the enigmatic Phryne Fisher reigns supreme as both a style icon and a confident sex symbol. Unapologetically single and childless, Phryne defies societal norms as she embraces her independence and freedom with a fearless spirit. Unafraid to flaunt her figure in tasteful and alluring outfits, she exudes confidence, grace, and empowerment in every stride.

Through her portrayal as a stylish and self-assured detective who fearlessly navigates the complexities of crime-solving and personal relationships, Phryne Fisher stands as a beacon of empowerment and individuality, showcasing that true beauty and confidence come from embracing one's uniqueness and staying true to oneself in a world full of expectations.


In the charming Netflix comedy series "Fisk," follows the witty and unconventional journey of Helen Tudor-Fisk, a high-flying lawyer facing unexpected twists in her career and personal life. With sharp humor, quirky characters, and heartwarming moments, "Fisk" delivers a delightful blend of laughter and resilience. Join Helen as she navigates reinvention with style, wit, and a touch of comedic flair. Don't miss this gem of a show that celebrates life's absurdities with grace and humor.

"Frankie & Grace"

This is a heartwarming Netflix comedy series that centers on two women, Grace and Frankie, whose lives are turned upside down when their husbands reveal they are in love with each other. As they navigate the ups and downs of starting anew in their 70s, Grace and Frankie forge a deep bond and discover newfound independence, resilience, and joy in each other's company.

"Lessons in Chemistry"

In "Lessons in Chemistry" on Apple TV, starring Brie Larson as Elizabeth Zott, a 1960s housewife breaking societal norms by pursuing a career in chemistry, the show offers a poignant yet uplifting story. Reflecting the struggles of single mothers, it celebrates Elizabeth's journey of ambition, motherhood, and gender equality, inspiring viewers with the power of pursuing passions and overcoming barriers.

"And Just Like That"

This HBO Max show is a continuation of the iconic series "Sex and the City," following the lives of Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte as they navigate the complexities of life and love in their 50s. The show explores themes such as friendship, career changes, family dynamics, and personal growth, offering a candid and relatable portrayal of women in midlife.


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